Morandé | GRAN RESERVA / Malbec
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Gran Reserva – Single Vineyard

Terroir & Balance

The best of our terroir. Elegance, structure, and complexity characterize this line that carefully brings together the balanced interaction of the soil, climate, variety, controlled vineyard management, and enological processes in the winery.


The grapes come from our property in Pencahue in the Maule Valley, planted in the 1960s. The grapes are hand picked and fermented in oak barrels and foudres for 16 months. The elegance, balance, combined with sutil smoked aromas and touches of cherry, remind us of typical old chilean vineyards.

Varieties: Malbec / Cabernet Sauvignon / Carignan

VALLEY: Maule Valley D.O.


Cabernet Sauvignon / Carmenére / Syrah Cabernet Sauvignon / Malbec / Pinot Noir / Sauvignon Blanc / Chardonnay

“Winemaking is a trade, an interpretation of the grapes as well as the place they are grown. It requires knowledge, sensitivity, hard work, and patience to finally enjoy a product that dates to the origins of human culture. It is a very rewarding endeavor.”


Ricardo Baettig – Viña Morandé Enological Director
Maule Valley

Generally speaking, the climate in this region is sub-humid Mediterranean, although it is recognized as the valley with the greatest climatic diversity.