Viña Morandé takes its pioneering spirit a step beyond. Our wines are the epitome of innovation and quality,
from the land to our novel enological practices.


“I dreamed of a wine…
…and to make a good wine, it must first be a dream. It’s a long-standing dream, and now it’s a reality. We have very good wines. Wonderful wines—just as we dreamed of them 30 years ago.”

Pablo Morandé – Sparkling Winemaking Director

“Winemaking is a trade…
…an interpretation of the grapes as well as the place they grow. It requires knowledge, sensitivity, hard work, and patience to finally be able to enjoy a product that dates back to the origins of human culture. It is a very rewarding endeavor.”

Ricardo Baettig – Viña Morandé Winemaking Director


The MORANDÉ ADVENTURE WINES winery/workshop is a space for the Morandé Wine Group winemakers to craft their more daring wines, freely and without restrictions.
It is a space to create, interpret, and experiment with wine, and show that we dare to innovate!


We are pleased to communicate that our acclaimed Golden Harvest, Edición Limitada 2013 from the Casablanca Valley, was acknowledged as Sweet Wine of the Year by Tim Atkin, the renowned British wine critic. Golden Harvest is a unique late harvest wine, which Atkin awarded 96 points, produced in limited amounts and only under very special climatic conditions that allow its Sauvignon Blanc grapes to be 100% affected by botrytis cinerea or noble rot. 2013 was additionally a special vintage since it was the first time that our winemaker Ricardo Baettig and his team, managed to imprint the particular seal passed on to them by Pablo Morandé....

Until 2008, the grapes that gave life to our Edición Limitada wines and to our House of Morandé were received at the winery –after having been harvested in small boxes- to be submitted to a berry selection by hand. For this purpose, the grape boxes were emptied on a receiving hopper that moved them onto the de-stemmer. The berries, already separated from the stems, were then placed on a vibrating table that spread them out and led them to another, longer table....

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