A white wine with orange spirit

Bestiario is a wine, whichever way you look at it, special. Winner as the best white blend in 2022 by the prestigious magazine La Cav, this wine was born with the idea of ​​exploring the techniques associated with the so-called “orange wines” -those white wines whose production process is similar to red wines., that is to say, with a prolonged maceration of the skins of the grapes with the must during the vinification.

The first challenge for its winemaker, Jorge Martínez, is to select the grapes for the blend, and the intention here was always to look for non-traditional varieties that could shine in an unusual white. For this, the expert hand of Martínez carefully selected the Marsanne and Rousanne varieties from the Secano Interior of the Maule Valley…But something was missing, and that was a small proportion – close to 10%- of Viognier of Casablanca Valley, making this blend a very interesting wine in its color and structure.

Additionally, this wine goes through a unique vinification process: The grapes, which are harvested by hand, are separated from the stem and then, all the varieties together enter a cement egg, with 100% whole fruit, without pressing. Then a cold maceration is carried out for 3 days and later alcoholic fermentation with selected yeasts is carried out, with temperatures between 14º – 16 ºC, in order to obtain the maximum aromas and concentration in the mouth, in addition to showing a fresh acidity and great persistence. The wine was in contact with its skins for 6 months, to then be pressed and stored again in a cement egg for 3 more months, until it was bottled.

The result is a wine from the Maule Valley that seeks to show that the creativity of the Morandé Adventure portfolio not only delivers great red wines but also whites with great qualities and nothing to envy.


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