A year full of perseverance and recognition

Without a doubt, being named Vineyard of the Year is a great honor. For everyone at Morandé, this appointment, together with the Best Red Wine from Chile and Best Sparkling Wine from Chile, was undoubtedly a milestone in our history and in the path, we have been tracing year after year.

A path, which has been full of hard work, dreams and perseverance. A path that has been possible and that began when Pablo Morandé, founder of Viña Morandé, decided to create the winery with a single objective, to stand out in the Chilean wine industry that existed at that time and to bet on innovation in wine production.

Perhaps today it may seem like a logical idea but believe me that in 1996 it was seen as something unthinkable or something impossible to achieve. However, Pablo Morandé imbued the vineyard’s DNA with his adventurous and pioneering spirit from day one, and since then, at Morandé we have not stopped believing and working to achieve that goal.

If we look back, there is no doubt that it is really a milestone in the history of Chilean wine, the discovery of the Casablanca Valley, as a terroir of the highest level for high-end wines, where Viña Morandé and its founder, they were pioneers in planting the first vines and believing in the potential of this area.

Also, the fact that as a vineyard we seek to rescue terroirs and ancestral winemaking techniques, to produce unique and attractive oenological creations with strains that are not very traditional – but with tremendous attractiveness and potential – such as El País, Cinsault, Carignan, among others. In addition, it is continually searching for new origins, exploring more southern valleys, as is the case of the Black Series line that comes from the Traiguén area in the Malleco valley, which turned out to be the perfect terroir for growing Pinot. Noir and Chardonnay of exceptional quality.

The Morandé Adventure Wines line is another great milestone. An oenological project that seeks to highlight the unknown diversity of terroirs in Chile. A portfolio of 10 wine labels without rules, with winemakers who dared to experiment, transmitting all their personality and style. Wines that surprise for their diversity, innovation and great quality.

And I feel like I’m falling short. The truth is that in these 25 years Viña Morandé has had a clear focus, and this recognition has felt like an invitation to continue this path and trust that we are doing things right. It has been a confirmation that all those years of hard work have meaning for others, and that we must continue with the same passion for this beautiful job.


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