Antiguas Raíces is an important part of Morandé Adventure, our line that is the result of more experimental work by each of the winemakers who work at Morandé Wine Group. They are wines played and made without so many rules, which have become our oenological adventures, and which surprise with their diversity, innovation and, above all, great quality.

Antiguas Raíces is the result of a creative combination that reflects the freedom to innovate and experiment. It is a blend of red and white varieties such as Garnacha, Syrah, Carignan, Marsanne and Roussanne, which seeks to interpret the potential of the classic Mediterranean varieties in a terroir far from its place of origin, such as the Maule Valley.

To this is added, a process of co-fermentation (Syrah with Marsanne and Carignan with Roussane) and very particular maceration that make Antiguas Raíces a unique wine with a very clear personality: an eminently fruity wine, with a marked presence of fruit. red, great acidity, freshness and complexity.

Coming from San Elena de Loncomilla, in the Maule Valley, the vineyard was planted in the 1950s and grafted with varieties such as Garnacha and Syrah. It is in an area nestled in the Cordillera de la Costa, the “Secano” del Maule, and has granitic and clayey soils, eroded, very poor in nutrients.

It is here where vines over 70 years old grow and develop, which are planted on undulating and gentle hills, and are trained on trellises, as in the case of the Garnacha, Marsanne and Rousanne varieties, and pruned in the Gobelet system or in head, for the Syrah and Carignan varieties.

The role that these vines play in the production of this wine is so key that we have decided to honor them and call this wine Antiguas Raíces. A precise name that pays a small tribute to those plants that give life to an innovative and unusual blend, a wine with a strong presence of red fruits such as plums, sour cherries and some raspberries. Fruity, juicy, with tremendous balance and excellent acidity. A wine that is very different from what we are used to, ideal for wine lovers looking for those little jewels that only Maule can deliver.


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