With the aim of highlighting the aged vines of the vines that give rise to this wine, from today our Mediterráneo which from now on will be called Antiguas Raíces. A precise name that honors those vines that have been cultivated for more than 70 years and give life to an innovative blend of typically Mediterranean varieties grown in the heart of the Secano Interior.

The pioneering and innovative spirit that has defined Viña Morandé since its inception is undoubtedly reflected in the Morandé Adventure portfolio. They are wines played, free, and handmade, that value the vines and ancient traditions. An example of this is Mediterráneo, which from now on will be called Antiguas Raíces.

The new name mainly responds to the importance of the history of the vines in this blend. They are plants that are at least 70 years old and are undoubtedly responsible for the great quality and differentiation that this wine has.

Antiguas Raíces was born from the interest in reinterpreting Mediterranean varieties in the Maule Valley, through the co-fermentation of red and white varieties to create an innovative blend with a very clear personality: an eminently fruity wine, with a marked presence of red fruit, of great acidity and freshness.

It is an unusual blend that is the result of a creative combination between the freedom to innovate and experiment. Composed of Garnacha, Syrah, Carignan, Marsanne and Roussanne, Antiguas Raíces seeks to interpret the potential of the classic Mediterranean varieties in a terroir far from their place of origin. The Loncomilla area, in the Maule Valley, welcomes them as if they were its own, and shows, once again, that it is an excellent place to grow those fruity and juicy grapes with extraordinary structure.

Added to this is a co-fermentation process (Syrah with Marsanne and Carignan with Roussane) and maceration in contact with their skins for about 30 days, which give the wine a very particular character, which stands out for its deep red color. cherry and its aromas of red fruits such as cherries and raspberries with notes of European hazelnuts and aromatic spices. On the palate it is fresh, fruity and juicy, with tremendous balance and a long and persistent finish.

The change from Mediterráneo to Antiguas Raíces will take effect immediately for the national market, while for other markets it will be available from the 2019 vintage.


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