Aventura Cellar: the materialization of an innovative DNA

Viña Morandé has been, since its beginning, a pioneering winery in Chilean viticulture, a silent beacon responsible for many of the advances in the national industry. Since it was decided to form Morandé Wine Group, they wanted to pour all the group’s expertise into a portfolio of clear ideas, innovative and unique wines in terms of quality and identity.

Part of that plan is represented in Bodega Aventura (Aventura Cellar), an architectural construction that blends its beauty with the local landscape. Designed by the architect Samuel Claro, this winery was built in such a way that it is part of the vineyard, embedded in its soil, deep, like the roots that feed the grapes.

It was decided to make it underground, since we wanted to take care of the environment, minimizing intervention in the field as much as possible, and we wanted to use gravity in favor of the wines. A gravitational winery not only takes care of the grapes, but also allows significant energy savings, something that is undoubtedly valued and appreciated today.

This space is in line with the work methodology that we have carried out in recent years, and which is focused on searching for unrepeatable wines. A search that includes new denominations of origin, rescue of heritage strains, unexplored and surprising blends, non-traditional winemaking methods, authenticity and excellence, among others.

In this way, Bodega Aventura has key instruments that will allow us, winemakers, to experiment with new varieties, test fermentation and storage containers and test new techniques, in order to continue delivering unrepeatable, authentic wines that are capable of promoting the national industry.

The idea is that this winery generates new learning that is then applied to the entire portfolio, reaching the maximum potential of our best wines.

There is no doubt that the realization of this project comes to reaffirm our longing and the dream that we have pursued since our foundation: to reflect the work and effort made by the vineyard year after year, creating attractive, unique wines that accompany the different moments of our consumers.


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