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Morandé Black Series is the reflection of our innovative spirit in the search for excellence and our passion to work classic varieties in new origins.
With a tireless spirit of exploration and more than 25 years of experience traveling through the different valleys of Chile –looking for different origins that allow us to create wines with different expressions– we have reached one of the southernmost valleys of Chile, Malleco Valley, to cultivate vines such as Chardonnay, and thus achieve wines of singular elegance and complexity.

Located in the heart of the Araucanía region, to the east of the coastal Nahuelbuta Mountain Range, the vineyard has ancient breccia volcanic soils, where consecutive eruptions developed a deep profile of red clays with friable rocks. Its soils, of medium to low fertility, have excellent drainage due to the water retention of the existing clays and andesitic rocks.

In the Malleco Valley, winters are cold and rainy. During the summer, the rains decrease but do not disappear completely. The moderate temperatures allow the grapes to enjoy a slow and constant ripening process, maintaining their acidity and producing fresh and floral aromas.

Variety: Chardonnay

Malleco Valley


With bright pale-yellow colour, the nose is Intense and elegant, the wine shows aromas of citrus fruits and green apples as well as hints of nuts, such as hazelnuts and roasted chestnuts. The mouth shows a tense and fresh acidity and a vertical structure, which is very fine and complex. Its long persistence highlights the austere character of its fruit and delicate minerality.




Black Series Chardonnay



Black Series Chardonnay



Black Series Chardonnay


Pinot NoirChardonnay

“Winemaking is a trade, an interpretation of the grapes as well as the place they are grown. It requires knowledge, sensitivity, hard work, and patience to finally enjoy a product that dates to the origins of human culture. It is a very rewarding endeavor.”


Ricardo Baettig – Viña Morandé Enological Director

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