The fame of Cabernet Sauvignon in our country is indisputable. Without a doubt, it is the variety that is most drunk, produced and sold in Chile. And although its origin is French, the truth is that it is a variety that can be found in almost all the wine regions of the world. And finally, depending on the climate and soil conditions found, the Cabernet Sauvignon can adapt and show its various expressions.

This variety, originally from the Bordeaux area and whose result is born from the cross between Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon Blanc, produces vigorous plants, with many branches, which find their best development in gravel soils and without excess water. And that, in the case of Chile, one of the places where it has found its greatest potential is the Maipo Valley.

This area, known as one of the best terroirs in the world, is located at the foot of the Andes Mountain, on the terraces of the Maipo River. It is a terroir that is marked by a semi-arid Mediterranean climate, with an average temperature between 14 and 14.5°C, which contributes to a good ripening of the fruit.

Our beloved House of Morandé is from this valley. And without a doubt, that the unique expression that its Cabernet Sauvignon manages to impregnate comes from the characteristics that this area gives it. This blend, for us, perfectly reflects the history of the vineyard, as well as being a faithful representative of the elegance and subtlety of the Alto Maipo terroir.

And it is a wine with a harmonious combination of concentrated, intensely fruity character, based on red and black berries, with an important and at the same time fine tannic structure. Characteristics that it undoubtedly acquires in large part from the wonderful terroir in which it is produced.


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