Cachapoal Valley- Discovering the secret charm of La Moralina

The Cachapoal River gives its name to the wine valley located immediately south of Maipo: the Cachapoal Valley. Although with different characteristics, the latter shares with its northern neighbor the ability to produce great Bordeaux wines.

Cachapoal is a highly agricultural zone. The fruit production uses most of its alluvial terraces, so the best viticultural areas have moved towards its foothills between Rancagua in the north and the town of Pelequén to the south.

To speak in broad terms of a vast valley doesn’t say much. But when focusing on its foothills, particularly the south banks of the Cachapoal River and the alluvial terraces near the village of Coya, we do find something special. In addition to a rainier climate and lower average temperatures of at least 1º C, generate a particular combination that leads to high-quality wines.

We have focused our attention on the southern limit of the Andean foothills of Cachapoal, the area where we find our La Moralina estate. Planted mainly with Cabernet Sauvignon and Carmenère, it also contains two plots of Petit Verdot and Petite Sirah showing unique characteristics and personalities.

La Moralina shares two soil types: one is alluvial, generated by the Los Maquis creek, a tributary of the Rigolemu stream, and the other is colluvial, born from the homonym hill, which covers the back of the vineyard and usually accumulates snow in winter. As the norm dictates, we planted Cabernet on the alluvial soils and Carmenère in the alluvial-colluvial sectors, as well as both Petites.

Our experience has shown us that this terroir gives birth to wines of great finesse, with “long muscles.” Wines with first class tannins and structures that are more subtle than powerful. The main difference with Cabernets from Maipo could be because the water in La Moralina lacks the minerality of the carbonate and sulfates carried by the waters of the Alto Maipo. In the last 20 years, La Moralina has confirmed that we have a different and high-quality terroir. We feel very proud and tremendously lucky to vinify its grapes and discover the exquisite options and diversity it has to offer.


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