Carignan, the rebirth of the Maule

Cultivated for more than 50 years in a traditional and natural way in the dry interior of the Maule region, Carignan is a red grape of Spanish origin, specifically from the Aragon area where it is known as Cariñena or Mazuelo. The vines that arrived in Chile were originally brought from the south of France and arrived in our country in the late 1930s and early 1940s.

Since then, they have been planted mainly in the Maule Valley, where they have been used to add color to blended wines and improve acidity. It is a strain that has slightly sharp tannins and maintains a good acidity. Of late sprouting and maturation, when it is young given its high productive capacity, it shows a decrease in the load and a notable increase in quality over the years (which is why it is usually one of the last varieties to be harvested).

In 2009, thanks to a group of vintners and producers of the variety, including Viña Morandé, a Collective Brand called “Vigno” (with G of Carignan) was formed, whose purpose is to rescue the valuable wine heritage that this variety represents. This group proposes the care of the variety and raises the need for the transcendence of the strain, through (some) production rules, (such as the purchase of grapes at a fair price), being able to carry the D.O and the word VIGNO on a label whose wine is made from at least 85% Carignan and aged for a minimum of 24 months, whether in barrels, bottles or other containers. In addition, the grapes must come from vineyards over 30 years old planted in dry conditions within a specific area of ​​the Maule Valley. Finally, they must be rainfed vineyards, that is, they are not irrigated except for the rains.

This is how our Viña Morandé and under the concepts of this group, creates Vigno, a blend of Carignan and Syrah from vines with more than 70 years, planted at the top in the dry interior (coastal), which seeks to rescue this emblematic variety. With our extensive knowledge of the terroir and the variety, we have created a wine with a deep identity, capable of expressing an area and its people.

Aged for 20 months in untoasted French oak foudres, plus 6 months in bottle, Vigno is a very intense purple-red wine with pronounced aromas of sour cherries, red cherries and black plums, with subtle floral notes of violets, as well as hints of coffee and dark chocolate. On the palate, this is a wine with tremendous character, with juicy red fruit reminiscent of cherries and raspberries, as well as floral notes and toasted wood. Its structure is young and tense, with great persistence, concentration and tannins that promise a long life ahead.


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