Casablanca Valley, the fruitful valley of white and sparkling wines

Internationally recognized for being one of the most outstanding terroirs in our country, the Casablanca Valley is nestled between the Coastal Mountain Range and the Pacific Ocean, about 80 km from Santiago, in central Chile. Its status as a “cold climate valley” has given it excellent recognition, which translates into ideal conditions for growing red varieties such as Pinot Noir and Syrah and white varieties such as Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay.

With clay soils, poor in organic matter and plenty of permeability and drainage, and a coastal climate with cool sea breezes and early morning mists, the Casablanca Valley was discovered 40 years ago, when winemaker Pablo Morandé saw the area’s incredible potential. and decided to plant the first Sauvignon Blanc vines. Since then, the success and recognition of the valley has only been on the rise and today it is one of the busiest sectors in the country, where wine production is strongly concentrated.

Although Sauvignon Blanc was one of the first varieties to be planted, today the Casablanca Valley is the largest producer of Chardonnay in Chile. And it is that its climate and soil conditions make it the ideal place for this strain, achieving wines with good structure, fresh and mineral. Likewise, the valley is an ideal place to grow other varieties – reds – such as Pinot Noir, Syrah and Malbec.

Our Gran Reserva Sauvignon Blanc and our Gran Reserva Chardonnay are from this area, wines that seek to reflect the best of each of their terroirs. They are elegant, structured wines that carefully combine the balanced interaction of soil, climate, variety, offered by this valley, and Viña Morandé’s own oenological processes.

Likewise, our well-known and award-winning Blanc de Noir is also from the Casablanca area, a 100% Pinot Noir traditional method sparkling wine that has positioned itself as the top-of-the-line sparkling wine from our vineyard. Blanc de Noir not only symbolizes the excellence of the winery’s sparkling wine portfolio, but also the establishment of the Casablanca Valley as the perfect place to achieve quality sparkling wines, marked by elegance and delicacy.


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