Chilean Grape Group attains third place at the Global Kaizen Award 2019

After receiving the Local Kaizen Award-Chile 2019 in the category of “Excellence in Continuous Improvement System”, at Chilean Grape Group we are now very proud to announce that we’ve been granted the third prize at the Global Kaizen Award 2019. This award is the result of our commitment to carry out a strategic plan focused on implementing operational, administrative, and commercial excellence, thus delivering more value to customers, shareholders, and employees.

Due to the current circumstances, the award-winning ceremony was held virtually on November 24, 2020, with the nominees being all seven companies already recognized at local level in their respective. These were CTT from Portugal (the winner), Benteler from Brazil (2nd place), Chilean Grape Group from Chile (3rd place), FCA Poland from Poland, Mahou from Spain, Shell Chemicals Europe from the Netherlands, and BTicino from Italy. All of the organizations nominated for the Global Award stood out for the innovative and effective implementation of the Kaizen principles and practices during 2019.

At Chilean Grape Group, we are very proud to have won the first Local Kaizen award-delivery in Chile and then the third-place globally. For our company, it has been particularly stimulating to participate in the development of an organizational culture with corporate outreach, based on the principles of continuous improvement. Adapting it to our reality has allowed us to create positive synergies and understand that “together we are stronger.”

About Morandé Wine Group:

Morandé Wine Group is the area of Chilean Grape Group that brings together all the company’s premium or bottled wines. These include its emblematic brands, such as Morandé, Vistamar, Mancura, Viña Fray León, and the Argentinean Zorzal, as well as Viña 7 Colores and other innovative products, like AOX, Winebeer, and others that will soon be on the market.

About Kaizen Institute:

Kaizen Institute, Ltd. is a private company based in Switzerland and with global outreach, focused on offering consulting services. It was founded in 1985 by Masaaki Imai, globally well-known for developing the Toyota Production System. Its goal is to improve the corporate world through the Japanese concepts of Kai and Zen, which mean “change for the better.”


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