Late Harvest

Artistry & Delicacy

A unique late harvest produced in small quantities according to special climatic conditions. It is made only in those years when the Sauvignon Blanc grapes from the Casablanca Valley are 100% affected by botrytis cinerea; A condition that has only occurred in the 2000, 2007 and 2013 vintages. The latter was the first vintage in which Ricardo Baettig and his oenological team managed to print the high quality standards and the particular stamp that Pablo Morandé transmitted to our Golden Harvest.

Golden Harvest

Golden Harvest 2013 distinguished as “Sweet Wine of the Year” and awarded 96 points in the Special Report Chile 2021, by Tim Atkin

Variety: Sauvignon Blanc

VALLEY: Casablanca D.O.


Golden Harvest / Late Harvest

Tim Atkin, the prestigious British Master of Wine and an important reference for thousands of consumers who follow his authorized voice when it comes to finding out and choosing a wine, recently presented his Special Report Chile 2021 through the online modality. Atkin awarded our acclaimed Golden Harvest Limited Edition 2013 as “Sweet Wine of the year”.

“I dreamed of a wine and to make a good wine, it must first be a dream. It’s a long-standing dream, and now it’s a reality. We have very good wines. Wonderful wines—just as we dreamed of them 30 years ago.”


Pablo Morandé – Sparkling Enological Director
Casablanca Valley

We were the first to believe in Casablanca’s potential, and we were not mistaken. Today it is one of the most internationally recognized wine regions for the quality of its wines. Its primary geographic condition is its maritime influence, which enters from the Pacific Ocean and produces morning fog that moderates the temperatures.

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