Morandé Adventure, wines with an innovative and groundbreaking soul

For more than 10 years I have had the honor of leading the Morandé Adventure line. Together with the winemaking team at Viña Morandé, we have created a portfolio that is the result of extensive experimental work, where each one of us involved has transmitted our entire personality and style.

And it is that Morandé Adventure is about played wines, made without rules, true oenological adventures that seek to surprise with their diversity, innovation and quality. A line of wines that seeks to reinterpret the Chilean wine heritage, with non-traditional vines and innovative winemaking and aging methods.

This is how, in the search for that innovative and disruptive spirit, we have been working on this portfolio freehand, and we have managed to make Morandé Adventure a reflection of the values ​​of Viña Morandé, where the quality and innovation of its products are the priority, and it is palpable in each of these wines.

The Adventure line is made up of 9 wines: Aterciopelado, a wine that pays tribute to the old Terciopelo from Cauquen, rescuing the País strain, a rustic variety, typical of the Chilean countryside, traditionally used to make regular wines. Aterciopelado seeks to bring the strain to an expression of greater elegance, balance and body, showing the great potential it has for the creation of more complex wines. It is a wine that stands out for its unique, young character, with fresh and fruity aromas.

Bestiario is a groundbreaking wine, born with the idea of ​​breaking new ground, proposing a white wine made as if it were a red, which opens up a new taste dimension. A different oenological proposal, made from non-traditional varieties in Chile such as Marsanne, Roussanne and Viognier and which result in a fresh, juicy and elegant wine.

Also, part of the Morandé Adventure project is Creole, a wine produced with the Cinsault and País vines, two varieties strongly rooted in the culture and tradition of southern Chile, coming from old vines in the Dry Interior of Itata and Maule. In this way, Creole is the reflection and faithful representative of the Chilean countryside.

With Despachado we seek to achieve the best expression of the grapes, obtaining a fruity, fresh and easy-to-drink wine. It is an unstructured, simple, delicate, rustic and honest Pinot Noir. In turn, with El Padre, our objective is to honor the Cabernet Franc variety -often overshadowed by the fame of the Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon- and demonstrate the great potential of this variety through a complex wine, with great structure and elegance. Very particular.

El Gran Petit, the little giant in our portfolio, represents Viña Morandé’s commitment to two little-explored vines, but with great potential: Petite Sirah and Petit Verdot, which today find their splendor in the La Moralina vineyard in the Cachapoal valley. . Likewise, Antiguas Raíces, a Garnacha base wine that also incorporates varieties such as Syrah, Carignan, Marsanne and Rousanne, and that arises from the interest in reinterpreting Mediterranean varieties in the Maule Valley, through the co-fermentation of red and white vines, to create an innovative blend with a very clear personality: an eminently fruity wine, with a marked presence of red fruit, great acidity and freshness.

Tirazis, a wine of great elegance and complexity, seeks to show the great potential that the Syrah variety can achieve in areas with a cold climate, and Colinas de Ránquil is a wine from the País variety that contributes to deciphering the extraordinary terroirs present in Chile, rescuing vines heritage, thus creating unique wines with a deep sense of origin.

Finally, VIGNO, our wine that represents one of the most relevant initiatives of the Chilean wine industry and of which we are a founding member. This wine, a Carignan that incorporates some Syrah, reflects a little gem that was hidden in the Maule Valley, in a terroir that represents the perfect conjunction between the tradition of the Chilean countryside and Carignan, a Mediterranean variety that is reborn in Maule. for your show your unique character. It is a powerful wine, with notes of red fruits and flowers, a young and tense structure, with great persistence.


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