Morandé wines from the Maule Valley

The Maule Valley is the largest wine region in Chile and is also the most diverse in geographic and climatic terms, including flat, sunny valleys, coastal hills, and a long central corridor. The climate of this area is mainly Mediterranean, with great influence of cold wind from the Andes Mountain, which increases the daily thermal oscillation and reduces the period of maximum temperatures, helping the ripening of the fruit in good conditions. Its soils, for its part, are mostly of granitic origin, which have been formed by the decomposition of granitic rocks over millions of years.

It is under these conditions, of climate and soil, that various varieties such as País, Moscatel, Carignan, Cinsault and Semillón have found the ideal terroir in the Maule Valley to settle and thus show their greatest potential. These vines, which are not particularly traditional, have been produced in these soils for hundreds of years, and have become an authentic wine heritage that does not exist in other parts of the world, and which is giving Chile a new position in the wine world.

In the search to rescue and give value to this area and to all that rich winemaking tradition, Morandé developed the Terroir Wines project, a line of wines from the Maule Valley, which is made from hundred-year-old vines, rescuing the ancient traditions of the region, such as its small artisan producers and its old head-pruned vines. A line of wines that is produced under a modern prism that invites you to get to know that new, old Chile.

Likewise, 3 wines from the Morandé Adventure line come from this valley. Aterciopelado, a wine that pays tribute to the old Cauquenino Velvet rescues the País variety, a rustic and typical Chilean variety, with Malbec; Bestiario, a groundbreaking white wine whose oenological proposal made from Marsanne, Roussane and Viognier, results in a fresh, juicy and elegant wine; and Antiguas Raíces, a Garnacha-based wine that seeks to reinterpret Mediterranean varieties in the Maule Valley.

Our emblematic Pionero line also originates from Maule. Its Cabernet Sauvignon, Carmenère, Merlot, País, Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay varieties come from this valley and are superior quality wines, which faithfully reflect the terroirs from which they come.

For Viña Morandé, all these wines reflect the potential of the Maule Valley, a valley that cultivates the greatest variety of vines in Chile and that gives life to unique and unrepeatable wines.


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