A tribute to our pioneering spirit

A SINGLE D.O. Wines that seek the best expression of each variety in a SPECIFIC PLACE.
TRADITION & KNOWLEDGE Pionero represents the landmark discovery and development of the Casablanca Valley.
MAULE VALLEY: Recognized as one of Chile’s MOST DIVERSE ORIGINS and home to some of the country’s oldest vineyards. Its sub-humid Mediterranean climate with soils of alluvial and volcanic origin contribute juicy red fruit and delicious rusticity to the wines.


This violet-red Merlot offers aromas of berries, such as blackberries, murta, and cassis as well as fresh herbs and a touch of toast. The palate is fruity with an attractive sweet sensation of vanilla and chocolate. It is tremendously smooth with good body and a persistent finish. Pairing suggestions include Italian dishes, lean red meats, white meats, and fowl.

Variety: Merlot

VALLEY: Maule Valley D.O.




Pionero Merlot


Maule Valley



Pionero Merlot


Maule Valley

“Winemaking is a trade, an interpretation of the grapes as well as the place they are grown. It requires knowledge, sensitivity, hard work, and patience to finally enjoy a product that dates to the origins of human culture. It is a very rewarding endeavor.”


Ricardo Baettig – Viña Morandé Enological Director
Maule Valley

Generally speaking, the climate in this region is sub-humid Mediterranean, although it is recognized as the valley with the greatest climatic diversity.

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