ProChile distinguishes Viña Morandé as one of its “Sustainability Champions”

We are proud to communicate that we have been recognized as one of the “Sustainability Champions” by PROCHILE, the institution of Chile’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs in charge of promoting the country’s exports of products and services in the world.

The government office, which has defined sustainability as one of its strategic pillars, recently applied a self-diagnosis test to more than 700 of its member companies. The test allowed them to measure their respective management tools; their management by indicators; their supplier management, and their waste and end-of-life management. In short, the trial made it possible for companies to observe themselves and recognize their sustainable practices in order to add them to their processes and thus increase their competitivity, meeting the demand of current consumers, both nationally and internationally.

After reporting the results, ProChile highlighted the companies currently at the highest management levels –such as Viña Morandé- naming them ‘champions.’ The idea is that these enterprises become a model and guide for those who are just starting the search for strategies and alternatives that will allow them to become sustainable companies.

According to the words of Juan Tapia, Manager for Sustainability and Environment at Viña Morandé and Chilean Grape Group, the success of the winery in this field is due to “the commitment of all our collaborators to favor a more sustainable, clean and respectful production.” Tapia also mentioned the importance of implementing strategies that help the corporations to adapt to changes and be devoted to the environment since the future generations are more conscious of what affects their surroundings and “when it comes to choosing, they will prefer products with less impact.”

It should be noted that, in less than a decade, sustainability has gone from being a trendy fashion to becoming an essential tool for making decisions, both public and privately. Chile has extraordinary conditions to stand out in this field, especially in the agri-food sector. Viña Morandé has been a leader in this area, having subscribed very early on to the Sustainability Code promoted by Vinos de Chile, the trade association that brings together wine producers in our country.


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