Ricardo Baettig, the expert hand of Viña Morandé

Passionate, dreamy and with a certain vision, Ricardo is the winemaker behind Viña Morandé. Its great qualities have been masterfully brought to wine, imbuing the different lines with an attractive personality and a true sense of origin, where quality, innovation and character come together.

With a strong family influence linked to agriculture and alchemy, Ricardo Baettig knew from a very young age that wines were his thing. His father was an agronomist, dedicated to agriculture in Traiguén, and his grandfather was a pharmacist and his childhood memories, is that he was always making preparations with wines and distillates.

This is how he entered Agronomy at the University of Chile in the midst of the oenology boom in Chile and, together with his brother Francisco, ended up studying that specialty. After graduating in 1996, he entered a vineyard where he spent 5 years and oversaw making the wines that were aged in barrels. After this important experience, Baettig decides to go to study in Italy, at the University of Turin, where he completed a master’s degree in viticulture and oenology.

After 8 years in this country and several consultancies to different wineries, in 2009 he decided to return to Chile, and it was at the end of 2010, a year after his return, that Pablo Morandé called him to tell him that there was a quota in Viña Morandé. They needed a fixed-time winemaker who would travel and start taking charge of several lines since Pablo was starting new projects.

This is how Baettig enters Viña Morandé and since then he has only had one career on the rise, amply showing his knowledge of the field and leadership capacity. Today, converted into chief winemaker and technical director of the winery, he oversees all the wines, including the Adventure line and the icon House of Morandé, where he prints his seal of innovation and excellence that characterizes him so much, to the wines of the brand.

Our wines reflect our permanent pioneering spirit. Our concern to go further, discovering new strains, frontiers and techniques that allow us to present a portfolio of wines with a clear proposal of quality, innovation and avant-garde”, explains Baettig.

Under his vision, Viña Morandé has been chosen Winery of the Year 4 times by the North American media outlet Wine & Spirits, and for the first time in the history of Descorchados in 2022. Likewise, House of Morandé was chosen Best Red from Chile and Best Icon Wine, which is undoubtedly a reflection of the path that the entire winemaking team has been following year after year following the expert hand of Ricardo.


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