September 4th Chile Celebrates Its National Wine Day THE ORIGIN OF SUCCESS

Chile celebrated its first National Wine Day on September 4th, 2015, to commemorate 500 years of wine history in the country. But, ¿why on September 4th? Well, because that day, in 1545, Pedro de Valdivia wrote a letter to King Charles V, the Holy Roman Emperor from 1519, asking for “vines and wines to evangelize Chile”, taking the first step to what later would transform in a tradition and one of the most important and thriving economic activities in the country.

Viña Morandé outstands among the vineyards that have rescued this vine that for much time has given its identity to Chile, as we try to give it the prominence that it deserves through our Aterciopelado wine, and soon through our emblematic Pionero line, both from our two vineyards in Maule Valley, one of these 60 plus old, established near Botalcura town, and the second, with 80 plus years, close to Melozal area.

Noble grape, stoic, simple. It has been rediscovered and interpreted many times. With Malbec, calling it Terciopelo, con carbonic aging, in a more Nouveau version, or the traditional manner of a sieve or press.

It has had a very important role in Chile, with its golden age more dating back four decades ago when, according to some calculations, there were more than 193 square miles planted in the country. Today, that extension is estimated in about 77 square miles, a shrink that has given way to more sophisticated wines, such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.

Nonetheless, the quality cannot be expected only from “golden”, expensive or exclusive. The virtue of the wines from Uva País rests on its originality, authenticity and genuine character that embodies our identity.

In these vines, there is a good part of the history of Chilean viticulture, of the threatened rural way of life, depository of roots and our national culture. And, in this context, the grapevine has always been there, silent, quiet.

In all these years we have been learning how other times, throughout our history, thanks to foreigners who, with their external gaze, see what we sometimes may miss, from being used to having it before our eyes.

For all this, the invitation on this National Wine Day is to better appreciate the value of the simple wines, fruitful and sometimes rough, which speak to us about the land and that goes so well with the products we usually prepare during September, when the spring arrives and we go back to the fields and the land.


Ricardo Baettig

Enology Director of Viña Morandé.


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