The Emergence of Garnacha

Originally from the region of Aragon, in the north of Spain, the Garnacha or also known as Grenache, is one of the most widespread and planted varieties worldwide. Also, it is considered one of the oldest strains, since it has been possible to demonstrate that it was used to produce wines, more than 3,000 years ago in areas such as Sardinia, Italy.

For years, Garnacha was associated with the production of medium-quality wines, since, due to its popularity, great resistance to extreme temperatures and adaptation to all types of soils, it was one of the easier strains to produce and develop. However, its quality was low, due to its great sensitivity to certain grape diseases. This produced that, at the beginning of the 80’s, it began to lose followers and was replaced by other varieties or was used only to complement varietals.

Forty years later, Garnacha is once again experiencing a moment of splendor both nationally and internationally. And it is an aromatic variety, not very intense in color, medium body and good acidity. With it you can produce both red, rosé or sweet wines, which are undoubtedly setting the trends today.

Why this resurgence? To the understanding that the evolution of the strains and wines is in the vineyards. In understanding that there are factors that influence maturation, health and the maturation of tannins. In understanding that each strain has its own needs and one, as a winemaker, must know how to interpret them. And that, by giving ourselves that time, to understand and at the same time to deliver what that variety needs, we will obtain its best expression from it.

At Viña Morandé we have been planting Garnacha for years in the Maule Valley, specifically in the Secano area. It is there where we have been able to see the potential of this variety that today is one of the strains that confirms our beloved Antiguas Raíces. A wine born from the interest in reinterpreting Mediterranean varieties, through the co-fermentation of red and white vines to create an innovative blend with tremendous personality. A tribute to the great potential that Garnacha can acquire, if it is given the attention it deserves.


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