The terroirs of Vitis Única

Vitis Única is a line from Viña Morandé that honors the vines of each of the terroirs where its wines come from. And it is that it is a portfolio of traditional strains, which stand out for their origins, which are the result of a journey of exploration, passion and dedication.

Something that has stood out to us for years as Viña Morandé, has been constant experimentation and audacity. And it is that our focus has always been to give life to wines that stand out for their innovation and quality. A key factor in this mission has been the meticulous study of denominations of origin or terroirs.

An example of this, without a doubt, is the Vitis Única line, a portfolio of wines from traditional vines that come from the selection of specific sectors within each of their terroirs of origin. This choice, together of course with other factors, such as unconventional winemaking techniques, results in wines of great complexity, structure and elegance.

And it is that in Vitis Única, the terroir is paramount. What we are looking for with the meticulous selection of each of these specific sectors, is to enhance the typicity of each of the varieties that make up this incredible portfolio. This is how these wines come from the main and most relevant valleys of our country: Casablanca, Maipo and Maule.

The Casablanca Valley, nestled between the Coastal Range and the Pacific Ocean, about 80 km from Santiago, is one of the most outstanding valleys in Chile for the production of varieties such as Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc, as well as fresh reds such as the pinot noir. It is a valley with a cold climate par excellence in our country, its marine influence allows it to cool the vineyards and favor a slow maturation of the vines, providing great freshness, balance and elegance to the wines.

Of this origin are Vitis Única Chardonnay, a wine of great freshness and volume, unctuous, delicate, with a delicious balance between acidity and fruit, and Vitis Única Pinot Noir, an intense wine, very fruity and floral, with good body, elegant, complex and persistent. Both come from our Belén farm in the Lo Ovalle sector. Likewise, Vitis Única Sauvignon Blanc originates in Casablanca, specifically from the El Ensueño sector, and stands out for its complex flavors, fresh, mineral with citrus notes of grapefruit, herbs and white-skinned peaches.

The Maipo Valley is another of the most emblematic valleys of Chile. Its exceptional conditions for growing Bordeaux varieties, especially Cabernet Sauvignon, have made it world-renowned. The great influence of the Andes Mountain, as well as its nutrient-poor alluvial soils, allow it to obtain great elegance and typicity in its wines.

From this valley are Vitis Única Cabernet Sauvignon, which stands out for its great body, abundant velvety tannins, and great aging potential; and Vitis Única Carmenère, a fruity, complex wine with earthy flavors and massive, velvety tannins, both from the San Bernardo sector.

Finally, the Maule Valley is the largest wine region in Chile and is also the one with the most diversity in geographical and climatic terms, which includes flat and sunny valleys, coastal hills and a long central corridor. The climate of this area is mainly Mediterranean, with great influence of cold wind from the Andes Mountain, which increases the daily thermal oscillation and reduces the period of maximum temperatures, helping the ripening of the fruit in good conditions.

Vitis Única Mourvedre comes from this area, specifically from the La Constancia field, in the Pencahue area, an unusual proposal within Chilean wine portfolios. It is a little-explored strain, but one with great potential, which in this wine translates into freshness, great aromas and an elegant body.


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