Viña Morandé attained excellent scores in the latest report on Chilean wines by Vinous, the renowned specialized website

We are pleased to share the excellent scores granted to our wines by Joaquín Hidalgo in his latest report on Chile. Entitled “A Stylistic Journey from the Andes to the Coastal Ridge”, his article was published by Vinous, one of the most renowned and influential specialized media in the US and the world.

The wines that make up the Adventure range, which represent the most daring work of our winemakers and transmit their particular personalities and styles in each bottle, were especially well evaluated by Hidalgo. The critic also highlighted our VIGNO 2018 as one of the representatives of the great changes that are currently taking place in Chile, which seek to recuperate a viticulture of the past, but with a modern approach. This wine, and our Pinot Noir Despechado 2020, both part of the Adventure range, scored 93 points.

On the other hand and due to the characteristics of each wine and the huge diversity they represent, Bestiario 2019, Malmau 2019, El Padre 2019, and Aterciopelado 2020 were granted 92 points each. 91 points were bestowed on Creole 2020, mentioned as a wine made with Mediterranean varieties, and Tirazis 2019. And last, but not least, our Gran Petit 2019, which also belongs to the Adventure range, was recognized with 90 points.

Among the wines included in our traditional Gran Reserva range, both our Chardonnay from the Casablanca Valley, fermented with its skins, and our Cabernet Sauvignon, whose grapes are sourced in our San Bernardo estate in the Maipo Valley, were highlighted with 91 points. And in our Edición Limitada range, our Carmenère and our Syrah-Cabernet Sauvignon blend stood out with 90 points each.

As for the wines of the Estate Reserva line, which come from high-density vineyards with more than 10,000 plants per hectare established in our Belén estate in the Casablanca Valley and in our Romeral estate in the Maipo Valley, our Chardonnay, Carmenère, and Cabernet Sauvignon received 90 points each. Not to mention our House of Morandé, our top-of-the-line, which was awarded 93 points.


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