Viña Morandé is acknowledged by James Suckling as an innovative and avant-garde winery, leader in the Chilean wine sector

In one of his most recent publications, the American critic highlighted two wines of the Aventuras (Adventures) range by Viña Morandé, a winery well-known for its pioneering spirit and “for its increasingly fresh and drinkable wines.” According to Suckling, both are part of the most innovative Chilean reds under US$35.

James Suckling emphasizes Ricardo Baettig’s work at the lead of this trend. He is a bold winemaker, who has led the experimental concept of the wines offered by the winery under the name of Aventuras (Adventures). But he also points out the use of Mediterranean varieties grown in the rainfed vineyards of Maule and Itata. They allow Baettig to create wines of unpretentious but refined elegance, juicy, and easy to drink. All of them reflect the increasingly varied and authentic expression that Chile is now offering in relation to its wines.

The two wines of Viña Morandé chosen on this occasion by Suckling are Mediterráneo and Creole. The first is an exuberant blend of grapes grown in the Secano Interior of Maule’s Loncomilla Valley. It shows the exotic aromatic expression of Grenache, Syrah, and Carignan with bits of Marsanne and Roussanne, and stands out for its juicy red fruits, great acidity with an elegant touch of wood.

According to Suckling, Creole “goes even further” by combining grapes of Cinsault from Itata with País from Maule. Both varieties give life to a wine that is unpretentious and very easy to drink. Its vibrant fruit expression comes from the carbonic maceration in concrete eggs, with an added fine rusticity that stems from the País variety.

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