Vitis Única

Terroir & Balance

Vitis Única from Morandé presents a portfolio of traditional varieties from outstanding origins made with non-conventional vinification techniques. Through the selection of specific sectors within each of its terroirs, this line offers wines with tremendous complexity, structure, and elegance.


The grapes for this Gran Reserva come from specific vineyards in our Belén field, in the Lo Ovalle sector in the Casablanca Valley. The cold climate valley par excellence in Chile and one of the great terroirs to produce white varieties such as Chardonnay and. Its marine influence allows it to refresh the vineyards and favor a slow maturation of the vines, providing great freshness, balance and elegance to the wines. Its soils are granitic clay, with the presence of quartz, flat topography and low fertility.

Variety: Chardonnay

D.O Casablanca
Casablanca Valley


This Chardonnay has a very particular vinification. 40% of the harvest is fermented with its skins to obtain a better structure, and the remaining fraction is directly pressed with the whole cluster, to obtain a higher quality must. This fermentation with high turbidity results in a wine of great complexity and volume.




Vitis única Chardonnay


Casablanca Valley


Vitis única Chardonnay


Casablanca Valley

Wine Tasting

Our winemaker Ricardo Baettig tells a little and tastes about the

Gran Reserva Chardonnay wine.

“Winemaking is a trade, an interpretation of the grapes as well as the place they are grown. It requires knowledge, sensitivity, hard work, and patience to finally enjoy a product that dates to the origins of human culture. It is a very rewarding endeavor.”


Ricardo Baettig – Viña Morandé Enological Director
Valle de Casablanca

Fuimos los primeros en creer en su potencial y no nos equivocamos. Hoy es unos de los valles más reconocidos a nivel internacional por la calidad de sus vinos. Su principal condición geográfica es la influencia marítima, la cual entra desde el Océano Pacífico y produce una niebla matinal que actúa como moderador de temperatura.


Ricardo tells us about what fudres are and their contributions to wine.

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