Morandé | ESPUMANTES / Brut K.O.
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Bubbles & Tradition

Morandé is ready to celebrate with fine bubbles and proudly offers its wines with joy, festivity, and magnificent elegance. Expertly made by Pablo Morandé, there are sparkling wines for all types of occasions, but all made for a single purpose—to enjoy life to the fullest.

Brut K.O.

Morandé is ready to celebrate with fine bubbles made with País, the national pride from the Maule Valley using the traditional (champenoise) method.

Variety: País 78% / Chardonnay 12% / Pinot Noir 10%

VALLEY: Maule / Casablanca


Brut K.O / Brut Nature / Extra Brut

“I dreamed of a wine and to make a good wine, it must first be a dream. It’s a long-standing dream, and now it’s a reality. We have very good wines. Wonderful wines—just as we dreamed of them 30 years ago.”


Pablo Morandé – Sparkling Enological Director
Maule Valley

Generally speaking, the climate in this region is sub-humid Mediterranean, although it is recognized as the valley with the greatest climatic diversity.