House of Morandé: Seal of Identity

A classic Bordeaux blend, based on Cabernet Sauvignon, which is complemented by other red varieties such as Cabernet Franc, Syrah and Carignan, House of Morandé, is a wine that is in the DNA of Viña Morandé and its commitment to excellence.

Coming from the best blocks in the San Bernardo Vineyard, located in Maipo Alto Valley, with just over two hectares of Cabernet Sauvignon and one and a half of Cabernet Franc, House of Morandé was born together with the winery 25 years ago by the renowned winemaker Pablo Morandé, with the aim of create a wine that reflects the elegance of the Maipo Valley. And its story shows it. A wine of deep tradition, marked by the character and clear identity of Maipo Valley. Since 2014, it passed into the expert hands of winemaker Ricardo Baettig, who has gradually introduced changes that today position it -according to experts- as the best wine in Chile.

The unique conditions of the Maipo Valley, perfect to produce Bordeaux vines, are emerging as the ideal origin for this wine. In general, the climate in the valley is stable and it is protected by the Andes Mountain range and the Maipo river. It’s hot, dry summers and short, mild winters do not exceed 450 mm of annual rainfall. The days are hot and the nights cool. The San Bernardo vineyard, planted in 1997 and where House of Morandé comes from, corresponds to the third geological terrace of the valley, and its soils are alluvial, deep, with good drainage. Located at the foot of Cerro Chena, the horseshoe shape it generates translates into a screen effect that raises the temperature by approximately 2 degrees, which is why, over the years, winemaker Ricardo Baettig has made the decision to harvest a little before to maintain the tension of the red fruit.

This decision, and the one to combine barrel and foudre for aging, have been shaping a new face for House of Morandé, a wine with a very interesting character, appropriate to the current times and, what is more important, “to what we believe it should be a more modern Maipo Cabernet Sauvignon. But always maintaining the spirit of House of Morandé, that is, a wine with great structure and aging. A great wine”, highlights the winemaker.


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