Terroir Wines, identity and expression of Viña Morandé

For those of us who work in the wine world, the Maule Valley is truly an exquisite area. Not only does it have a great diversity in geographical and climatic terms, but also one of the largest plantations of wine vines, which reaches more than 50,000 planted hectares. Truly a marvel.

And it is that this diversity, of soil and climate, make it an ideal area for different varieties, both red and white vines, to find the perfect place to settle and thus get their greatest potential.

It is this characteristic, which, along with other factors, made us, as Viña Morandé, approach Maule. And in the search to rescue and give value to this area and to all that rich winemaking tradition, is that we developed the Terroir Wines project, a line of wines from the Maule Valley, which is made from hundred-year-old vines, rescuing the old traditions of the region, such as its small artisan producers and its old head-pruned vines.

The Terroir Wines portfolio has 4 wines; a Carmenère-Malbec with notes of black fruits, cedar and cloves, which is round, smooth and complex on the palate; a Cinsault-País that is medium to light bodied, juicy and bursting with fruit flavors; a Semillón, juicy with great freshness and acidity with notes of citrus fruits, pears and honey: and a País, which stands out for its aromas of red fruits such as raspberries and sour cherries, as well as its light notes of earth and spices reminiscent of the cinnamon.

Each of the specimens in this portfolio is made with a great sense of place and identity, where we try to capture, and I think with great success, the purity of the Maule terroir. In addition, in these wines we seek to reflect in an emblematic way all the expertise that we have at Viña Morandé to create wines that are enjoyable, easy to drink and bring the different varieties closer to the consumer.


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