Viña Morandé: quality, innovation and vanguard

Its constant experimentation and audacity have allowed Viña Morandé to give life to unprecedented wines in the industry, coming from different denominations of origin and made through various vinification methods. And it is that Morandé presents a portfolio recognized for its innovative spirit and high quality, which attracts curious consumers in search of unique and exceptional wines.

Founded in 1996 by the prominent winemaker Pablo Morandé, Viña Morandé, since its beginnings has had a clear focus on innovation: it was the first to plant vines in the Casablanca Valley, a pioneer in the planting of high-density fields, a pioneer in launch a line called Adventures focused on highlighting the unknown diversity of terroirs in Chile; and it was one of the first vineyards to rescue terroirs and ancestral winemaking techniques, to name a few.

Casablanca Valley

Morandé was one of the first to believe in its potential and one of the first to plant in the Casablanca Valley, opening the door to what is today one of the most internationally recognized valleys for the quality of its wines.

Presence from North to South

Viña Morandé has fields located in Casablanca, Maipo and Maule and various projects that are framed in the same pioneering spirit of its beginnings, with wines from the Limarí, Colchagua Costa, Itata and Malleco Valleys. Among them, the new Ránquil project, in Itata, is especially attractive due to the high quality of its terroir, producing grapes of a quality unprecedented in the Chilean industry.

High Density Vineyards

This viticultural technique, pioneered by Morandé, aims to create a virtuous interaction between soil, climate and variety. High-density vineyards make it possible to obtain 1 bottle of wine for each vine and deliver bunches of grapes of higher quality and concentration, reducing productions in order to achieve distinctive wines that express, with good concentrations, their respective varieties.

Aventuras Line

One of the great milestones of the winery in its early years was the creation of a line of wines called “Aventuras” that was born from the idea of ​​highlighting the unknown diversity of terroirs in Chile, as well as putting value on the old vines of the Vineyards of the Secano Interior of the Maule and Itata regions. But also, with the purpose of using unknown varieties, traditionally cultivated there.

Rescue of varieties and ancestral winemaking techniques

Viña Morandé’s innovative and experimental spirit, transmitted to both consumers and those who have been part of professional teams, is also reflected in a good number of attractive oenological creations. These have covered the wide range from wines made with frozen grapes to fortified wines, including a very remarkable distillate in the style of Italian grappa.

Likewise, Ricardo Baettig, its chief winemaker, constantly bets on the use of unknown varieties, but which have traditionally been cultivated in the fields where Morandé has his vineyards.

Late Harvest and Sparkling

Viña Morandé produces Golden Harvest wine, a true paradigm shift in its category: an extraordinary late-harvest wine (in the style of Tokaj wines), which is produced only when in Casablanca the favorable conditions are generated that allow harvesting grapes infected with botrytis noble.

The same occurs with the sparkling wines portfolio, creating a high-quality portfolio capable of showing a complexity that had not been seen in Chile until then.

The expert hand of winemaker Ricardo Baettig

Eleven years ago, Viña Morandé chose the winemaker Ricardo Baettig as the professional who best embodied the pioneering spirit of the winery, with his long winemaking career in Chile and abroad. Agronomist and Winemaker Engineer from the University of Chile, he has a master’s degree in Viticulture and Enology from the University of Torino in Italy, where he has advised various wineries in the Tuscany, Piemonte and Friuli regions. Today he oversees Viña Morandé wines, including the Morandé Adventure line and House of Morandé icon, printing his stamp of innovation and excellence that characterizes the wines. Since 2011, he has served as Director of Oenology at Viña Morandé.

“Our wines are the reflection of our permanent pioneering spirit. Our concern to go further, discovering new varieties, borders and techniques that allow us to present a portfolio of wines with a clear proposal of quality, innovation and vanguard”.

Ricardo Baettig.

For Viña Morandé, its philosophy is based on a great pillar, quality. And this is based on the more than 1,000 recognitions it has received in the main specialized media in the world. Just to name a few examples, it has been chosen 4 times as the Vine of the Year by the american magazine Wine & Spirits; Pablo Morandé was recognized as a Winemaking Legend in 2017 by Tim Atkin, and in Descorchados 2022 it was the first Chilean winery awarded the Vine of the Year mention, for its dynamic, adventurous and disruptive spirit.

Likewise, its presence in more than 53 countries has earned it the trust of millions of clients, who see it as a consistent, reliable and high-quality vineyard.

It is this vision that Morandé has permeated in each of its wines, creating a powerful, innovative and excellent portfolio that reflects the best expression of its origins, a terroir from the most recognized valleys of Chile.


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