After the visit to Chile of the critic Luis Gutiérrez during the months of February and March, the latest report on Chilean wines was released a few days ago, where Viña Morandé received important scores in its main brands.

It has been more than 4 years since the critic of Robert Parker’s The Wine Advocate, Luis Gutiérrez, did not visit our country, so this visit was quite special for him, finding a thriving wine development in southern Chile, mainly in the valleys of Maule, Itata, Bío-bío and Malleco.

In his report, in addition to giving the scores to the more than 1,000 wines that he tasted in this instance, he also alluded to the new projects that are being developed in our country and to the difficult situation that was experienced in the south of Chile because of the forest fires.

Regarding the recognitions, Viña Morandé received great scores, all of them over 90 pts. Morandé Adventure Vigno 2020 was one of the main featured wines. Made from 91% Carignan and 9% Syrah, this wine seeks to show the excellence of Carignan and its ability to harmonize with other Mediterranean varieties, such as Syrah. With an intense purple-red color, aromas of red fruits, and great character, Vigno 2020 obtained 94 points from Gutiérrez.

Morandé Adventure Antiguas Raíces 2019 and Black Series Pinot Noir 2021 obtained outstanding 93 points. The same score that our House of Morandé 2020 received, a classic Bordeaux blend, hallmark of our vineyard and faithful representative of the elegance of Alto Maipo.

Morandé Black Series Chardonnay 2021 and Vitis Única Pinot Noir 2021 each received 92 points, while Morandé Vitis Única Chardonnay 2021, Tirazis 2020 and Despechado 2022 received 91 points from the Spanish critic.


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