Winery of the Year: perseverance in dreams

2021 was one of those times when the hard work carried out for so many years paid off, and those results were manifested in tremendous recognition. More than pride, which undoubtedly comes with it, these awards reaffirm the path we have taken and that our dreams have significance for others who are able to perceive and recognize it.

The fact that journalists, sommeliers, restaurateurs, customers, and consumers express this recognition is very heartening and motivates us to continue with our pioneering spirit. Personally, it is particularly satisfying when it comes from colleagues and it is evident that their words are heartfelt and not just a matter of good manners.

Like everything in life, the first thing required to be successful (in the broadest sense of the word)—at least as I understand it—is to be happy that your basic needs are met and then to go a step beyond to recognize and be happy about what has been done. And I think there is just one recipe for this: have an idea that motivates you, get involved, persevere, and work hard. Once this is done, we are in the hands of the avatars of fate or, let’s say, that bit of luck that is required, but without perseverance, there is no possibility of success. Perseverance is fundamental—to be there when the stars align—and, if we have worked long enough, at some point, they will.

In a craft that is so ancient, so beautiful, and at the same time, hard, this, unlike others, also has these instances of competition that, while subjective, are accurate within certain margins. As winemakers, we are the most critical when it comes to recognizing a good wine, especially if it is better than one of our own, which, like a child, we always find beautiful or good. Being named Winery of the Year and receiving awards for the Best Red Wine from Chile, Best Sparkling Wine from Chile and Best Icon Wine is clearly a great achievement, a milestone in our history that invites us to continue down this path, to trust that we are doing things well, and to continue paving our way.

Now, back to work. And just as they whispered in Caesar’s ear when he entered Rome, hailed by the crowd after a triumphant campaign, “Remember you are only a man.” And so, every year we have a new campaign called a vintage, which we face with passion, intuition, and most of all, sweat.


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