Viña Morandé and Sustainability: Contributing to a better world

For Viña Morandé, sustainability has been essential in developing all its productive undertakings. Since its inception, this concept has permeated all aspects of its tasks, which include the work in the vineyards and at the winery, as well as its responsibility to its collaborators and its social environment.

Recently acknowledged by ProChile as one of the Champions of Sustainability, at Viña Morandé we are proud to have incorporated sustainable strategies and alternatives in all our production processes from the very beginning. Because of this, we were the first Chilean winery to subscribe to the Sustainability Code in the three areas defined by Wines of Chile, the organization that groups the country’s main wine producers. These areas are related to the vineyards (green area), the winery (red area), and social responsibility (orange area). In all of them, Viña Morandé has not only complied with the required standards but has also made great contributions to the well-being of the land and the people who work in it.

In the area of the vineyards, our aim is strongly focused on making wise use of water. We have therefore implemented technical irrigation systems to reduce its consumption, make a more efficient use of this vital resource and obtain grapes of better quality. On the other hand, and being conscious of the need of maintaining safe conditions in the fields and the environment of our workers, we only use environmentally friendly agrochemicals. We also reinforce good agricultural practices through Agro Morandé, a division that takes care of the protection and conservation areas of our property especially biological corridors that allow the free circulation of wild animals through the vineyards.

Within the winery, our main concern is to reduce our hydric and carbon footprints. The former, by using water rationally from the reception of grapes and the washing of tanks and barrels to other specific tasks. Regarding our carbon footprint, at Viña Morandé we are currently working with friendlier and lighter bottles (Ecoglass) that allow us to reduce the weight of glass and its impact on the transportation of wines. We have also incorporated clean and renewable energies by installing a large number of photovoltaic panels.

Lastly, in the area related to social responsibility, Viña Morandé has carried out diverse community cooperation initiatives, such as distributing aid boxes when required, or providing air conditioning for the school in Pelequén, the town where our winery is located. But we are also strongly committed to the Wine in Moderation campaign, which enhances responsible wine consumption. And we feel especially proud of Crea-Bus, our most distinct program. It was set up in 2013 to support the integration program for children with special needs of the Pelequén school through a handicrafts workshop that recycles objects from the town’s Artisan Center. Its headquarters is an old bus restored and adapted by a local furniture maker, and the products crafted by the children are sold at three annual fairs that are very popular.

Beyond these specific actions, we thank our collaborators who, in their daily work, are committed to sustainable, clean, and environmentally friendly production. We acknowledge the importance of fulfilling strategies that allow us to adapt to the changes that are currently impacting the new generations, who are consciously choosing products committed to sustainability.


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